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Hello World

Hellow and welcom to my Blog!

The pandemic has given me some time to speak with you wherever you may be.

I find this sad historic moment has demanded quiet time, for the world  to stop its mad whirl. I hope things are okay for you. We have been more or less in isolation since March 16. During this time I have begun cleaning out the detritus of my house, planted a garden and almost finished my book.  I received birthday wishes, although it was not my birthday. It seems there are other Marlene Bells out there. We must get together when this is over.

In putting the house in order I have found paintings and writings I had forgotten. It was nice to find them from across time and space. The paintings need to go out. Perhaps I'll have a sale.

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Marlene T Bell
Marlene T Bell
27 ביולי 2020

I love your work!


02 ביולי 2020

luv the color sense in your paint and the energy the work has radiates off the canvas

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