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  • Marlene T Bell

Hello Everyone In Wonderland!

It gets curiouser and curiouser, cried Alice. 

We go down the rabbit hole, or come up from down below to a brighter light . Experiencing the months of lockdowns, poor nursing homes deaths, seeing our entire population hungry and unable to buy food or pay the exorbitant rents. Watching the huddled and poor masses from central America walk a thousand miles to stay with relatives and escape their sick, drug gangs and cruel societies, but instead end up in Nazi like concentration camps, families torn apart. Many people were going to stay with relatives in America and had phone numbers, how does the subsequent treatment of them serve the American way of life?  It fills me with a hot disgust that we would do this here, in the 21st century.

The inabilty of our government to deal with Hurricane Katrina was an eye opener for those who thought the right government could solve anything.  Lately we try to make the best of the pandemic lockdowns, incidentally not caused by Trump, but by 'The bottom line". Let's get real. The 1 percent is making money.

There are some billionaires planning  a colony in space (not far enough), their companies dividing up the Pacific Sea floor for precious metals. Friends, it is worse than climate change. It is the same old thing. And we can not even take care of the Earthlings. On this day, Independance Day, Battle of Gettysburg weekend, to end the slave sysem, 50,000 men died in 4 days. Black Lives do matter, Native Lives and Latino lives and everyone else.

I see both Blacks, Whites and others all asking from the heart for change.  Let's do it. Let's deal and drag our do nothing goverment kicking and screaming into 21 century.

So now lets celebrate the great American experiment. Freedom! And a great and happy life for all!

Fireworks on Water

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16 lug 2020

I like "Fireworks" but think the one on the front cover is even better! Is it new?

Mi piace

16 lug 2020

Really fabulous painting. I love it.

Mi piace
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