Firework Sky
I believe art is a natural experience.
All people have artistic talent but some are unaware of it.
Like singing.

There was a time in my life when I could not afford a cheap print on the wall, and my landlord would not permit a picture hole anyway. His favorite color in wall decor was dull gray. I became depressed and irritable. Were my children and I to have a gray life? Maybe, but not likely.

To escape world news I could not change, and the vast TV giggle track wasteland, I began to rediscover myself in sketching and writing. I sent out a manuscript of four poems to twenty-five magazines, most of whom did not even bother to reply.


For those who did take the time to reply I still have some of their critiques scribbled off thoughtfully in a hurry. This was a long time ago. The last place to which I mailed a self-addressed return envelope published all four poems, still my best.

My lesson was that I could work for myself in order to experience my life, in writing, as in visual art. I had taken art in high school and disappointed my art teacher by pursuing dance instead of art. But now dance career behind me, I returned to visual arts again with a fresh and honed mind. Besides covering my walls with color and thought, I believe the decision saved my life.

Color and thinking are still the motivators for my paintings. I think I know the Paleo painters well, and would have a lot to discuss with them. My work has been compared to Jackson Pollack, whom I knew little of when I set out. I think he would have a good laugh.

I paint abstracts but also more realist works, which invite the viewer into the story as a participant in the story. Color, texture, dream, reality, memory; these are the neighborhoods where art lies for me.



University of Massachusetts, Boston, Anthropology and the Study of Religion


University of Massachusetts, Boston,

Critical and Creative Thinking, M. A.


Massachusetts State Teacher’s Certification, Bridgewater Sate Teacher’s College


University of Cambridge, UK

Summer Program




Asian Art, Kaji Aso, School of the MFA, Boston MA

Nature and Temptation Studio and Gallery, Kate Finnegan, Jean Gugina

Anthropology of Art, Monica Veneziano, De Cordova Museaum, private

The Process of Icons, Tess Hughes, Galway, Ireland, private


The Shrine, painting, depicted in the film, "Sir Acherone’s Party”, Dir. Michael Miller      

Phoenix, AZ Summer 2014


Bird of Paradise pictured on Cotuit Center for the Arts front page ,    Cotuit MA 2011


Artists of Cotuit - Friends of the Cotuit Library


Exploration of Personal Process as Manisfested in Painting - Marlene T. Bell


Cotuit Center for the Arts, Cotuit MA


Cultural Center of Cape Cod, South Yarmouth, MA


National League of American Pen Women, Cape Cod Branch, Cape Cod MA


Morning Muses Art Discussion Group, Dennis MA


Thornton Burgess Society, Sandwich MA

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