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I'm back!

Hello everyone! With the assistance of Brittany, my graphic person, I’m back! It has been quite an adventure finding someone to work with. August was a difficult month for blogging, and I was very busy.

We had the most intense heat wave ever here on Cape Cod. The heat stopped the first week in August and we all went out of our houses to breathe in the air. After cultivating my garden, I found that most things growing were weeds. We did get four cucumbers and sixteen wax beans, but the freest was Datura! We purchased a battery run lawn mower that has little weight and now makes mowing fun and toy-like!

Next week is Labor Day Weekend, I point out to the marketers that it is not the end of summer; we have another month and a half! We need to enjoy it without feeling guilty that summer season has ended and we must buy winter clothes, in case it gets freezing cold, which it hasn’t here in years!

Today was Primary Voting Day in Massachusetts, and those of us not enrolled in a specific party must choose a Republican or Democratic ballot. If u want to vote for a Democrat in one office and for a Republican in another, you can’t. We are actually unenfranchised by our own Legislature. FIE! Like gerrymandering, these political ploys should end.

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